One of the key elements of the AH4U financing program is the “affordability” of the programs. Whether it be the single affordable home buyer, the multi-unit developer, or the municipal or government affordable home directive, AH4U can provide the financing structure.


With our parent (Spartacus Housing Corporation) financial might, acumen and abilities, we can offer the right financing option for any buyer.


Most single unit buyers can OWN their home for less than the cost of a car lease.


The multi-unit buyer can finance their purchase with a down payment and affordable terms and conditions, in order for them to conserve cash flow until the sale of units occur.  Letters of credit are often used to facilitate this also.


The large government or municipal buyers can provide back stop Government or Bank Guarantees to finance the developments through Spartacus financing.  The cost of capital being almost nonexistent versus the tradition cash only option of deposits, buying, delivering and installing the affordable units for the ones that need them.

A perfect and novel solution for any buyer

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