Light gauge steel structure building is a new type of building structure system, which can be used as villa , relief house , office building , construction, mining & military camps , hotel and so on .
Whether you need a single unit to serve as a home or other large multi-unit complex, Affordable Homes 4U (AH4U) provide a fast, flexible solution. Short or long-term, in local or remote locations, we can customize a modular unit that not only supports optimum performance, but also offers a comfortable living environment for you. From a single unit to an entire complex, our team of light gauge steel structure experts will work closely with you to create a fully functional house with modern furnishings.
All the fixed holes and pipe holes are pre-punched, 2 to 3 workers can finish the installation. (Saves 70% labor cost, shortens construction period)
AH4U buildings are  made of panel rib structure, has the ability sustain 9.0 grade earthquake resistance and hurricane force of 60 m/s resistance. Galvanized  steel and water proof panels make these homes last longer
The house’s fire-resistant is 1-4 hours ,and the superstructure is 30 years . Only 1% construction waste, recycling rate of the steel after house life is over can reach 70%
AH4U can finish complex models with beautiful appearance. In addition, from villa’s to relief homes , AH4U has a wide price range and could meet all your needs .

Basically, there are two types of construction methods of PRCC Domus (Light Gauge Steel House).
One is called LGS-style PRCC Domus, which is using light gauge steel as the structural frame and adopting the glass wool or rock wool as the thermal material, the internal and external wall panels are installed on site;

the other is using profiled steel as the structural frame, and finished by the factory prefab wall panels, which are transported and assembled as complete pieces on site; thus this type is called Panel-Styl PRCC Domus..

The most common wall panel materials for the second construction method are fiber cement board, OSB panel, plaster board, ALC panel, GRC panel and etc. There are many optional materials available for the internal walls, external walls and roof tiles of the PRCC Domus, to satisfy different inquiries for different clients.

The complexity designs of layout and facade to satisfy people from different background or with different artistic taste can be easily achieved according to the various options of construction methods of PRCC Domus. This type of buildings has over 50-year service lifetime, because of the durably structural and decorative materials, which has been approved by the western countries.

Luxury, elegance and aesthetics are the first expression of the  PRCC Domus to people.
Comfort, durability and safety are the second expression of the PRCC Domus to people.

Some of the main properties of LGS are as follows:
• Lightness in weight
• High strength and stiffness
• Ease of prefabrication and mass production
• Fast and easy erection and installation
• Substantial elimination of delays due to weather
• More accurate detailing
• Non shrinking and non creeping at ambient temperatures
• Termite-proof and rot proof
• Economy in transportation and handling
• Non combustibility
• Recyclable material

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