New World Communities

50% of the World’s population live in cities, over population is on a tremendous rise. 30% of the produce grown is wasted. 60% of deforestation goes to building wood structures. With the advent of new technologies communities can now live off the grid in rural areas and thrive.

New World Communities (NWC) will be located on one acre or more parcels wherever eco-friendly low cost housing is needed.

Each community will contain from 10 to 20 Eco Friendly Homes, each home is constructed from steel and will have from one to three bedrooms, bathroom and kitchens in 140 sq. ft. of living space to 280 sq. ft. of living space or more.

In each community there will be an open pit BBQ, recreation area, Permacube growing systems, community building and covered solar parking at the entrance.

These communities can be off grid and will be nearly self-sustaining as they will grow their own food and use solar and wind energy power.

These communities are designed to be independent, sustainable, environmentally sound with robust recycling programs and a model of what future communities need to follow.

Each community will have tenants with common goals and attributes. The elderly, homeless, veterans, students, preppers, religious groups, artists, commercial enterprises ( resorts, motel/hotel, rehabilitation centers), etc.

For more information on how you can help or sponsor one of the New World Communities call Monte Cook at 310-913-5533 or email


A 20 foot model

A 20 foot model

A 40 foot model

A 40 foot model

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