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The images below were obtained from Google Images and are examples of what people around the world have done with shipping containers. Keep in mind many of these structures were built with used containers.

We at AH4U DO NOT WORK WITH USED CONTAINERS as they are hazardous to one’s health.

All our models are built from scratch and are ISO 9000 rated. These images are just to show you what is possible, we can build anything you can imagine. Please email us at for more info.


Wine Shop Made of Shipping Containers

It’s been awhile since we talked about shipping container architecture, but this wine shop is about to change that. Especially since Australia-based Cumulus Studio, the firm that designed it, created a modern architecture masterpiece. If all shipping container...
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Pavilion Made of Stacked Shipping Containers

It seems like the shipping container architecture trend has been dying down, but there are still interesting projects popping up. Such as this cantilevered pavilion constructed by the People’s Architecture Office in China. The entire structure is made of...
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