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The images below were obtained from Google Images and are examples of what people around the world have done with shipping containers. Keep in mind many of these structures were built with used containers. We at AH4U DO NOT WORK WITH USED CONTAINERS. All our models are built from scratch and are ISO 9000 rated. These images are just to show you what is possible, we can build anything you can imagine. Please email us at for more info.


Modular Shipping Container Home

Lettuce House was built in China in 2014 by the architecture firm Sustainable Lifestyle Lab. Despite the rather funny name, the house is all about being sustainable. It was built out of repurposed shipping containers, is modular, has a roof garden, and even features...
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Shipping Container Recycled Into a Cozy Home

It’s been awhile since we featured a shipping container home on this site, but this recently completed project by the tiny home company Walker Wilderness Enterprises from Brighton, Colorado deserves a mention. It is called Container Tiny House and can even be...
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Student Housing Made of Shipping Containers

Shipping container architecture seems to be once again becoming quite popular. The well-known Danish firm Bjarke Ingels Group has recently completed a sustainable floating housing prototype for students living in Copenhagen. The project was commissioned by...
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